Mentorship with Me


One-on-One Mentoring with me! 

There’s no question that personalized coaching is one of the most effective types of mentorship. Staying in consistent contact with a mentor via phone, email or in person, is a powerful tool to help guide you on your real estate journey. You can call on me to guide you through handling negotiations with hands on training, social media guidance and so much more. 

Navigating this world can be pretty challenging, let alone trying to become a successful agent in just a matter of time. Lucky for you, there is one way to ensure you meet your goals with fewer pitfalls along the way—<Insert me> If you’re looking for a fun work experience, you’ve come to the right place.

Let's get to know each other over a cup of coffee and expand your presence in the Real Estate world!


As your Mentor,

I will 

  • Help you reach your full potential faster
  • Give you one on one training for writing contracts 
  • Hold you accountable and keep you on task
  • Guide you through social media strategies 
  • Help you find the strategies necessary to solve a problem
  • Focus on your development
  • Invite you to attend hands on learning experiences and events
  • Give you homework, suggestions on books to read and podcast to listen to

Let's Work Together